Las Vegas DUI: A Drunk Driving Law Guide

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Arrested for DUI in Las Vegas Nevada? License suspended for drunk driving in Henderson? Looking for a good Las Vegas DUI attorney? LAS VEGAS DUI LAWS AND DUI LAWYERS provides extensive information about Nevada DUI laws, Las Vegas DUI attorneys, criminal penalties, Nevada DMV license suspensions, breathalyzer tests in Clark County, evidence used by local police in DUI investigations, and more. Las Vegas DUI Laws And DUI Lawyers offers everything you need to know if you are arrested for drunk driving in Las Vegas, Henderson or anywhere in Clark County, Nevada — including the answers to such questions as:

Initially, the following comments concerning your case are offered by two of the best-known drunk driving defense attorneys in the country:

"I must have been intoxicated: Maybe I should just plead guilty?"
A noted Atlanta DUI lawyer, William C. Head, has written an article entitled "5 Myths About Defending Accused Drunk Drivers" which answers common fallacies about DWI defense today:

"What should I do if I’m ever stopped for DUI?"
California DUI attorney Lawrence Taylor (with law offices in Las Vegas) is one of the foremost authorities in the country. The author of the standard textbook Drunk Driving Defense, he offers the following 5 tips:


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Las Vegas DUI: A Drunk Driving Law Guide

LAS VEGAS DUI: A DRUNK DRIVING LAW GUIDE is offered as a counterweight to the political pressures of extremist groups such as MADD designed to win the passage of unfair laws and penalties, further erode our constitutional rights and eventually gain the return of Prohibition. The National Motorists Association presents its views on such controversial DUI issues as overly harsh criminal penalties, unconstitutional roadblocks and automatic license suspensions.